Power of Influence

Power of Influence

Verse: Galatians 5:9

Everyone one of us are influenced either with something or someone in life. And this Influence shapes your thinking, affects your behaviour and you lifestyle!

Factors that Influences is:

1) People – It could be you Family, Friends, Teachers, Actors etc…

– whose company are you into, they will influence us. Pro 13:20; Pro 12:26

2) Words – Words are powerful! They can make you or break you!

– Words spoken by somebody to you or You spoke about yourself has an influencing effect on you! Pro 18:20,21

– Jesus said be careful about what you hear. Mk 4:23,24.


Are you being influenced by someone?
How are you speaking to yourself?

Be careful with whom you linger around and what you/ others speak about you!

God bless you!!

This was part one of the message! Coming week would be Part two!

Please do meditate on this Message! God bless you all!